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In Kevin Smith's controversial comic fantasia on the nature of faith, Bethany is a beleaguered young woman who is stunned to receive a midnight visit from the voice of God - an angel known as the Metatron. As a lapsed Catholic, Bethany is more than usually intrigued to learn that she is in fact the great grand-niece of Jesus Christ and that she is to be charged with a vital and perilous mission. She must stop two evil renegade angels, Bartleby and Loki, who are desperate to return home to heaven, and who will stop at nothing - not even the unmaking of the world - to achieve their fiendish aim.

Setting out on her quest, Bethany is soon accompanied by two unlikely prophets (albeit familiar faces for Kevin Smith fans), Jay and Silent Bob, plus Rufus, a black man who has fallen to earth claiming to be the thirteenth apostle. In the course of their crusade to save humanity, each will be forced to confront their faith and uncover their own personal relationship to God. Thus they converge on Red Bank, New Jersey where the Final Battle will take place... 



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12.8 x 0.7 x 20 cm

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