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generation a


Douglas Coupland

Žanrovi: Drama

Izdavač: Random House

Broj strana: 320
Povez: Paperback
Format: 11 x 2.8 x 17.6 cm
ID: A060057
In the near future bees are extinct - until five unconnected individuals, in different parts of the wowrld, are stung. Immediately snatched up by ominous figures in hazmat suits, interrogated searately in neutral Ikea-like chambers, and then released as 15-minute-celebrities into a world driven almost entirely by the internet, these five unforgettable people endure a barrage of unusual and highly 21st-century circumstances. A charismatic scientist with dubious motives eventually brings the quintet together, and their shared experience unites them in a way they could never have imagined. Generation A mirrors the structure of 1991's Generation X as it champions the act of reading and storytelling as one of the few defences we still have against the constant bombardment of the senses in a digital world. Like much of Coupland's writing, it occupies the perplexing hinterland between optimism about the future and everyday, apocalyptic paranoia, and is his most ambitious and entertaining novel to date.

`With this exceptional sequel to GENERATION X, Douglas Coupland may be one of the smartest, wittiest writers around ... He is a terrifically good writer ... GENERATION A is set in the near future ... Bees have become extinct, but then five people are stung ... It is the attempt to get to the bottom of this mystery that brings the five together on an Alaskan island where they are made to tell stories to one another. Coupland weaves common elements across these tales and into the main narrative: large themes ... comic themes ... existential themes ... There is a compelling plot ... Coupland scatters his smartly satirical observations throughout ... This is a clever, brilliant book - and it's loads better than GENERATION X ... funny and profound.' --Esquire

5 + 2 = 2, 6, 4, 7

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Cena: 776.11 din
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