Validate Me

Validate Me

Charly Cox

Izdavač: Harper Collins Publishers Ltd

Žanr: Poetry


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‘Charly is social media’s answer to Carol Ann Duffy’ Sunday Times STYLE

[Charly] is turning a new generation on to poetry’ The Telegraph

From the bestselling author of She Must Be Mad comes the second book of poetry and prose from Charly Cox.

What is love? Baby don’t hurt me… but please like my Instagram post.

Hello, my name is Charly and I am code-dependent, so would you please, please just validate me?

From the bestselling author of She Must Be Mad comes Charly Cox’s second collection of poetry and prose.

This is an account of a life lived online. Swiping for approval. Scrolling for gratification. Searching for connection. From the glow of a screen in the middle of the night, to the harsh glare of the hospital waiting room, Validate Me is a raw and honest look at the highs and the lows of a digital life.

The new voice of a generation, Charly’s words have the power to make us all feel less alone. 


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