Simonida Milojkovic

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Violet is a woman who has been mistreated by many men. Unfortunately it is the nature of the profession she finds herself in that tends to attract these users and abusers. Just because it is the oldest profession it does not mean that it has evolved. There are still violent, greedy and unscrupulous men out there who will take what they want and more from a woman in Violet's position. The story is true and is written in a confessional, though not quite contrite, tone. Violet accepts new moral and social rules - rules of the street. She sells her body for money, but with money she buys love. Violet confesses to the reader with her simple vocabulary; however, she is no victim. She knows what she is doing and a lot of the time she enjoys it. She is a survivor, trying to stay alive and find happiness and love in the middle of all the pain and emotionlessness. And the truth that not one of these men understands is that Violet is not the person they think she is. They do not prey on her... 


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13.3 x 1.7 x 20.3 cm

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