Dragoljub Zamurović

Izdavač: Laguna

Žanr: Nagrađene knjige, Domaći pisci, Vodiči i mape, Umetnost, Antologije i monografije


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Photo monograph about Belgrade. Discover Belgrade from a new perspective.

Photo monograph of the year – Belgrade Book Fair 2013.

There is no harder task for a photographer than making photographs for a book about his own town. He is there every day, walking the same streets, looking at the same facades and parks, meeting the same people. The mysterious thrill of discovering something new and strange is missing.

In creating a photo-monograph about Belgrade, I tried to forget about my whole life in the city and imagine myself a stranger descending onto unfamiliar roofs and terraces in his “Cloudhopper”, discovering unknown squares and hidden yards, mingling with chance passers-by, diving into rivers and pools, dropping into the depths of a well…

After two years of taking photographs, I sat down at my computer, and put them into some kind of irrational sequence of my own, and asked my friend Bogdan Ibrajter to write a few words about Belgrade, and about my photographs.

That is how this book came into being.

Dragoljub Zamurović



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24x32 cm

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